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BB-01 "Bence" 
is a popular ( 14 sq.m.) 100 % doubled wing. 
This wing popularly used for sport, rally,  
airtrip and training purposes
Pegaz Cup  
 Hungarian pilots fly the wing BB-01 with very good success on national and international competitions.  


BB-02 "Serpa" 
100% double 16sq.m. surface wing. 
It was specially designed  to hold heavier weight with easy steering. Specially recommended for towing, 
 for agricultural use, to train beginner pilots and 
for long term pleasure trips. 
 Technical data shows this wing is suitable  
for two seater competitors as well.
BB-03 "TRYA" 
100% doubled, 11 sq.m. surface wing.  
Specially used to achive extraordinary sport results.  
 This wing flies a very wide speed range ( 50-130 km/h ), excellent gliding path, unbelievable steering and flying stability. If you want soaring, gliding, running high speed with easy steering, this is the right one for you. This wing is designed for 
 single pilots, who want a good  challenge,  
and want to achive excellent sport results.
FAI Diamond Kolibri 
BB-03 was the wing over the Hungarian pilot 
 who had won one of the first FAI Diamond Kolibri pendants in 1994. ( FAI  record: 1260 km in one day).
If you are interested on  
Hungarian UL Sport Results 
have a look at the list of the: 
World Championship ( South-Africa, 1996 ) 
Ist World Air Games(Turkey, 1997) 
UL World Cup (1998) 
World Championship (Hungary,1999)
FAI World Champ  
Medal '99 
As far as we know, "Trya" is the only wing in the world that has both excellent flying characteristics  for sport flying, for gliding and soaring,  extraordinary easy steering and turning with excellent flying stability.
BB-03 "Trya" is so easy to fly, that anybody can fly it after 15 hours in the air!
Choose this wing only if you want :
the better the cheaper!!!
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