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 Our aerodynamic trikes are available in single or double seaters.
Single or two seater 
for sport flying, 
and soaring 
(with full spoilers)
Two seaters 
for airtrip, 
training and fun 
Pictures of 
the construction
The skeleton of the trike 
         (AlMgSi1 tubes)
The front wheel
 They are built  
with back wheel brackes.
A special shock absorbing back suspension  
was planned for rough airfilds. 

This suspension  
(spring, rubber and air)  
makes the trikes very comfortable 


Engine cradles are 
 available for  a wide range of engines. 
The most popular engines in use are 
Rotax582,Rotax 503 and Rotax 462 
Polifoam seats are soft and soothing  
for long term flying!
     Ten Gallon fuel tanks    
The air drag/resistance is diminished  
by the front spoiler and wheel pants 
made from polyester-glass
Further aerodynamic spoiler parts  
back spoilers  and  
horizontal suspension spoilers. 
Normally it has a foot controlled throttle  
on the front seat and  
a hand controlled on the back seat. 
Notice the space for  
all the instruments you want.
Instruments can be varied 
in a wide range
Folding gap makes it easy to mount the wing. 
From your garage you are  
ready to fly in 12-15 minutes !


Introduction  / Trikes  / Wings  /  Technical details /   
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